Matt Wilkinson Visual Artist

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Matt Wilkinson is an Everett WA based artist, that has been making art sense 2016. He creates representational artwork with his main mediums being oil paint as well as pen and ink. He draws inspiration from themes of mortality, mythology and the landscape of the inner subconscious. His craft allows him to slow down from the chaos of life and reflect upon an inner dialog and its place in society. Matt hopes that his viewers can find a sense of peace, nostalgia and reflection in his work. 

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Moving Sale 25%off all art over $100 from now until I move to Utah July 18th


Previous Shows

Everrett Community College 

- One Semester 

YouTube University 

-2016- Forever 


Thrift Store Art Books


Lots and lots of lessons through failure 

Black Lab Gallery 12/16/21- 3/12/22

Metamorphosis of Persephone solo exhibition

JAG Artworks Community Show 9/19/20-10/7/20

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